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White Riot 7" single

Released: 18 March 1977

UK Catalogue Number: CBS 5058

UK Chart Position: 38

Side A

  1. White Riot

Side B

  1. 1977

Artist: The Clash

Album: The Clash (UK Version), The Clash (US Version), The Story of The Clash Vol. 1, The Singles, Clash On Broadway, The Essential Clash, The Singles Boxset

Length: 1:56 (Album version) 2:00 (Single version)

Vocals: Joe Strummer, Mick Jones counts off "1-2-3-4"


Additional Information:

  • White Riot was the first single, and indeed record of any kind, released by The Clash.
  • All releases containing this song feature the single version, except The Clash (UK Version).
  • The version of White Riot on The Clash (UK Version) is a practically live take, much faster and rougher than the single version, with Joe ad-libbing the line "yeah, and instead of all that, all we get is someday maybe", at the end instead of the famous line "are you going backwards/or are you going forwards?". The single version has far more refined production as well as a series of overdubbed sound effects, including a police siren at the beginning of the song, the sound of marching stamping feet, the sound of glass breaking, and what sounds like a burglar alarm going off.
  • Mick Jones on the recording of the single version of White Riot (from an interview with Chris Salewicz in the sun newspaper): "We got our mates in to stomp their feet, running on the spot through the guitar solo. Someone smashed something, and that’s on the record, and we let off a fire-alarm for the last chorus."

White Riot
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