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Artist: The Clash

First Release: The Clash (UK Version) (CBS Records, 8/4/1977)

Length: 1:41

Vocals: Joe Strummer


Additional Information:

  • apparently inspired by the Sex Pistols' version of "(I'm not your) Stepping Stone" (Keith Levene: "I thought of a riff that Glen Matlock would do, that was a typical kind of run-up.") [1]
  • written in April/May 1976 just before Joe Strummer joined the band (Keith Levene: "We were rehearsing at Riverside Studios[2], before it shut down [...] 'What's My Name' was definitely written there.") [3]
  • music written by Mick Jones and Keith Levene (Mick Jones: "Me and Keith worked on it together, it was before we got Joe. We had the music and probably the chorus.") [4]


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What's My Name
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