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First Release: unreleased




Additional Information:

  • written in summer 1983 by Mick Jones, one of his last compositions for The Clash
  • confirmed by Mick Jones: [the original version of 'The Bottom Line'] "That tune had lyrics Joe had written when I was still in The Clash." [1]
  • confirmed by Mick Jones: "We had a bunch of new songs, some of which ended up on the first BAD album. Originally "The Bottom Line" was called "Trans Cash Free Pay One". It was a song about a cash machine or the future of finance. I gave that to Joe with that tune, but nothing came of it. By then our relationship was... bad. We weren't really communicating. The group was dissipating." [2]
  • taped in rehearsal by the very first line-up of BAD (Mick Jones - vocals, guitar / Leo Williams - bass / Topper Headon - drums) in late 1983, by then re-titled "The Bottom Line" and featuring new lyrics. [3]
  • "The Bottom Line" became the very first BAD single in summer 1985


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Trans Cash Free Pay One
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