The Clash Wiki

All 19 UK Singles plus bonus tracks in their original sleeves (only shrunk to cd-sized)

  1. Disk 1 (white riot/1977)
  2. Disk 2 Capital radio EP (Listen/Interview/Capital Radio)
  3. Disk 3 (Remote Control/London's Burning (live)/London's Burning)
  4. Disk 4 (Complete Control/City of the Dead)
  5. Disk 5 (Clash City Rockers/Jail Guitar Doors)
  6. Disk 6 ((White Man) In Hammersmith Palias/The Prisoner)
  7. Disk 7 (Tommy Gun/12 Crush on You)
  8. Disk 8 (English Civil War/Pressure Drop)
  9. Disk 9 Cost of Living EP (I Fought the Law/Groovy Times/Gates of the est/Capital Radio Two)
  10. Disk 10 (London Calling/Armagideon Time/Justice Tonight)
  11. Disk 11 (Bankrobber/Rockers Galore.... UK Tour/Rudie Can't Fail/Train in Vain)
  12. Disk 12 (The Call Up/Stop the World)
  13. Disk 13 (Hitsville UK/Radio One/Police on my Back/Somebody Got Murdered)
  14. Disk 14 (The Magnificent Seven (Edit)/The Magnificent Dance (Edit)/Lightning Strikes/One More Time/One More Dub/Cool Out/The Magnificent Seven/The Magnificent Dance)
  15. Disk 15 (This is Radio Clash/Radio Clash outside Broadcast/Radio 5)
  16. Disk 16 (Know Your Rights/First Night Back In London)
  17. Disk 17 (Rock the Casbah/Long Time Jerk/Mustapha Dance/Red Angel Dragnet/Overpowered by Funk)
  18. Disk 18 (Should I Stay or Should I Go/Straight to Hell/Inoculated City/Cool Confusion)
  19. Disk 19 (This is England/Do it Now/Sex Mad Roar)