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The Magnificent Seven 7" single

Released: 10th April 1981

UK Catalogue Number: CBS A1133

UK Chart Position: 40

Side A

  1. The Magnificent Seven

Side B

  1. The Magnificent Dance

Artist: The Clash

First Release: Sandinista!

Length: 5:33, 4:29 (single version)

Vocals: Joe Strummer, Mick Jones


Additional Information:

  • The Magnificent Seven is the longest song to open up a Clash album.
  • the edited single version is around a minute shorter than the album version, and features a different intro.
  • a dance mix of this song exists, entitled The Magnificent Dance.

  • recorded at Electric Lady Studios in New York City [1] in April 1980 [2]
  • Norman Watt-Roy (bass player): "There was Topper, me, Micky [Gallagher] and Mick [...] Jonesy says 'We need something really funky 'cos Joe says he wants to do a rap.' So we started that riff and looped it, and Joe wrote the words there and then. Totally spontaneous, a couple of hours and it was in the can." [3]
  • Mick Jones: "At the start it was called The Magnificent Seven Rap-o-Clapper." [4]

  • live premiere on the first date of "Impossible Mission" tour in April 1981 [5]


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The Magnificent Seven
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