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Guns of brixton live 1983

The Guns of Brixton live at the 1983 US Festival.

Artist: The Clash

First Release: London Calling

Length: 3:09

Vocals: Paul Simonon, Mick Jones


Additional Information:

  • The Guns of Brixton is the first time Paul Simonon appears on lead vocals.
  • When played live, Paul and Joe would swap instruments.
  • At the end of the song Broadway on the Sandinista! album, a little girl can be heard singing The Guns of Brixton over piano.
  • Paul wrote this song wanting to create a tale similar to "The Harder They Come", Ivan being the anti-hero from Brixton.
  • An early demo of this song is available on the album London Calling 25th Anniversary Edition as 'Paul's tune'.
  • live premiere on "The Clash Take The Fifth" tour in September 1979 [1]


  1. [1] first confirmed performance at Aragon Ballroom, Chicago (14/9/1979)

The Guns of Brixton
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