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The Essential Clash is a DVD only compilation of music videos and live footage of The Clash released as a companion DVD to the best of compilation The Essential Clash. Its superior video and sound quality makes previous video compilation This Is Video Clash obsolete.

Also included are 10 minutes of footage from the film Clash On Broadway, featuring different footage to that found on Westway To The World, several live performances, and Hell W10, a short silent gangster movie filmed by the band during 1983.

Track Listing[]

  1. Clash On Broadway Trailer
  2. London Calling (live)
  3. This Is Radio Clash
  4. White Riot (live)
  5. Complete Control
  6. Tommy Gun
  7. Clampdown
  8. Train In Vain
  9. London Calling
  10. Bankrobber
  11. The Call Up
  12. Rock The Casbah
  13. Should I Stay Or Should I Go
  14. Career Oportunities
  15. 1977 (live)
  16. London's Burning (live)
  17. I Fought The Law (live)
  18. Interview
  19. Hell W10