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The Clash (UK Version)
The Clash UK

Released: 08/04/77

UK Catalogue Number: CBS 82000

UK Chart Position: 12

The Clash (UK) is the first studio album from The Clash. The UK version of this album should not be confused with the US version of this album with a different tracklisting and the clash logo on the album cover (see right) on the top (see [version]). Despite the fact that Nicky 'Topper' Headon is characterized as the drummer, Terry Chimes plays on all tracks on this album. Terry Chimes has expressed his thoughts many times in interviews on 'Westway To The World' and 'Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten' saying something along the lines of "I was quite annoyed at them for crediting me in the liner notes as 'Tory Crimes' but I'd left then and I wasn't on the cover 'cause again, I'd left then so... Well, yeah. That's It. It has also been stated that Terry Chimes only 'began liking music so he could get into a band and have a Lamborghini sports car.


  1. Janie Jones (2:08)
  2. Remote Control (3:03)
  3. I'm So Bored With the U.S.A. (2:25)
  4. White Riot (1:57)
  5. Hate & War (2:07)
  6. What's My Name (1:41)
  7. Deny (3:03)
  8. London's Burning (2:13)
  9. Career Opportunities (1:54)
  10. Cheat (2:06)
  11. Protex Blue (1:47)
  12. Police & Thieves (6:04)
  13. 48 Hours (1:36)
  14. Garageland (3:12)