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Artist: The Clash

Album: Sandinista!

Length: 3:34

Vocals: Mick Jones (Joe Strummer speaks the "Sounds like murder" section)


Additional Information:

  • Joe Strummer: "We got a phone call from Jack Nitzsche and he said 'We need a heavy rock number for this movie with Al Pacino' [1] so I said OK. I went home and there was this guy in a pool of blood out by the car parking kiosk. That night I wrote the lyric. I gave it to Mick and he wrote the tune. We recorded it and Jack Nitzsche never called back." [2]
  • live premiere in April 1980 [3]


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  2. Clash On Broadway booklet (p.57)
  3. [2] Roxy Theater, Los Angeles (27/4/1980)

Somebody Got Murdered
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