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Artist: The Clash

First Release: Joe Strummer: "Earthquake Weather" (Epic Records, 29/9/1989)

Length: 3:21

Vocals: Joe Strummer


Additional Information:

  • written in autumn 1985 by Joe Strummer, his last composition for The Clash
  • confirmed by Paul Simonon: "Joe said 'I've got this song Shouting Street, let's work on that', and I said 'Fine', but I didn't get another call. I think Joe wanted to avoid any confrontation, which didn't bother me. I wasn't exactly looking at my watch." [1]
  • actually announced in a press release by Bernard Rhodes/Kosmo Vinyl as the next Clash single [2]

  • eventually recorded by Joe Strummer for his first solo album "Earthquake Weather" at Baby O' Recorders, Hollywood (November 1988 - February 1989)


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Shouting Street
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