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Artist: The Clash

First Release: "This Is England" 12" single (CBS Records, 30/9/1985)

Length: 3:03

Vocals: Joe Strummer


Additional Information:

  • recorded at Weryton Studios (Münchner Str. 11a, Unterföhring, near Munich) in January-April 1985
  • released as 12" extratrack on This Is England single
  • originally called "Sex Mad War" with completely different lyrics, played live in early 1984
  • Joe Strummer stage announcement in San Francisco (21/1/1984): "OK now, if you could just turn, turn your mind, I want you all to focus you mind on - shut up! - I want you all to focus your mind on sex! Yeah, I know it's difficult - try! Everyone in this world has gone sex-mad. There ain't no satisfaction. So this is dedicated, this is dedicated to all the victims of the sex-mad war, either woman or woman or woman!"

Sex Mad Roar
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