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rRockers Galore is a promotional album that was released to promote the remastered Clash catalog in 2000. The album was a free gift to buyers of 2 or more reissued Clash CDs in the USA only, and was not released anywhere else. The album consists of a combination of Live tracks from the album Live: From Here to Eternity and studio recordings from the band's albums. The interview tracks are sourced from the earlier promotional release Clash On Broadway: The Interviews.


  1. Complete Control (live)
  2. Interview, Paul - On The Beginnings Of The Clash
  3. Interview, Mick - On The Beginnings Of The Clash
  4. Interview, Joe - On The Beginnings Of The Clash
  5. Interview, Mick - More On The Beginnings Of The Clash
  6. Janie Jones
  7. Interview, Paul Simonon - On Naming The Band
  8. White Riot
  9. Interview, Topper Headon - On How He Joined The Band
  10. Tommy Gun
  11. Interview, Paul Simonon & Mick Jones - On Why "Train In Vain" Wasn't Listed On London Calling
  12. Train in Vain
  13. Interview, Paul Simonon - On Reggae Influences & Singing For The First Time
  14. The Guns of Brixton
  15. Interview, Paul Simonon - On Reggae & Working With Mikey Dread
  16. Rockers Galore
  17. Interview, Mick Jones - On Sandinista! & "The Magnificent Seven"
  18. The Magnificent Seven
  19. Interview, Joe Strummer - On The Political Nature Of The Band
  20. Police on My Back
  21. Interview, Joe Strummer - On Inspiration For "Rock The Casbah"
  22. Rock the Casbah
  23. Interview, Joe Strummer - On The State Of British Rock Music In 1980-1981
  24. Straight to Hell (live)
  25. Police and Thieves/Blitzkrieg Bop (live) Hidden Track

  • The final track Police and Thieves/Blitzkrieg Bop is not mentioned on the album's tracklisting. It is also of poor sound quality, and sourced from a bootleg tape rather than a professional recording.