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Rock the Casbah 7" single

Released: 11 June 1982

UK Catalogue Number: CBS A2479

UK Chart Position: 30

Side A

  1. Rock the Casbah

Side B

  1. Long Time Jerk

Rock the Casbah 12" single

UK Catalogue Number: CBS A13 A2479

Side A

  1. Rock the Casbah

Side B

  1. Mustapha Dance

Artist: The Clash

Album: Combat Rock, Rat Patrol From Fort Bragg, The Singles, The Singles Boxset

Length: 3:42, 3:47 (Rat Patrol original)

Vocals: Joe Strummer, Mick Jones


Additional Information:

  • All official releases feature the single version of this song, except the album Combat Rock.
  • The single version has slightly different poppier production.
  • The Rat Patrol version of this song features a bongo drum intro that is re-used on the dance mix Mustapha Dance.
  • Initial copies of the single included a set of four stickers with lyrics from the song on them. These are missing from the US/Europe release of The Singles Boxset, but included on the Japanese release.
  • Also released on 7" picture disc, catalogue number CBS A11 2479.

  • Digby Cleaver (Mick Jones' guitar technician): "I just remember [Topper Headon] sitting at the piano and playing that riff. [...] He put bass and drums on it, and it sounded brilliant. He did the whole thing himself. He presented it to Joe with this soppy set of lyrics abou how much he missed his girlfriend. Joe just took one look at these words and said 'How incredibly interesting!', screwed the piece of paper into a ball and chucked it backwards over his head. Topper's face! Joe said 'Look, I write the bloody words. I've got a set of lyrics that will fit this already.' And that was what became 'Rock The Casbah'." [1]


  1. Pat Gilbert: "Passion Is A Fashion - The Real Story Of The Clash" (p.306)

Rock the Casbah
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