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Remote Control 7" single
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Released: 13th May 1977

UK Catalogue Number: CBS 5293

UK Chart Placing: N/A

Side A

  1. Remote Control

Side B

  1. London's Burning (live)

Artist: The Clash

First Release: The Clash (UK Version) (CBS Records, 8/4/1977)

Length: 3:03

Vocals: Mick Jones, Joe Strummer


Additional Information:

  • Released as a single by CBS without the band's permission whilst they were touring Europe. The Clash saw this as a major challenge to the control of their own material, and were especially unhappy as the song was already available on the album (The Clash wanted to release new songs as singles to offer maximum value for money to fans) and they didn't believe it was a strong enough song to be an A-side [1] This incident resulted in (and is written about in) the song Complete Control.
  • Mick Jones: "We told them [the single] was gonna be a turkey, that it was gonna flop. We didn't think it was a good idea, having something off the album, but if, we'd chosen 'Janie Jones'. And the b-side - the live 'London's Burning' - is abominable! We mixed it, and they went and re-mixed it!" [2]
  • a later studio rehersal of this song is included on the London Calling 25th Anniversary Edition album
  • the live recording of London's Burning on the b-side of the single is in mono


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Remote Control
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