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Artist: The Clash

First Release: unreleased

Length: 3:20

Vocals: Mick Jones


Additional Information:

  • Give 'Em Enough Rope studio outtake
  • recorded at Basing Street Studios (8-10 Basing Street, London W11) in May/June 1978
  • under the title Scrawl On The Bathroom Wall included on a tape with rough album mixes played to journalist Chris Salewicz by Paul Simonon in early July 1978[1]
  • backing track used for Gates of the West in 1979
  • described by some authors[2] [3] as an early Mick Jones song from London SS days, but none of them names any sources, so it is most probably just a mix-up with the similarly sounding 1-2 Crush on You


  1. [1] NME (15/7/1978)
  2. Lee Wood: "Another London SS song called "Ooh Baby Ooh (It's Not Over)", written by Mick Jones, turned up later as the tune to "Gates Of The West" (Spiral Scratch magazine 1/1991, p.19)
  3. Kris Needs: "This had started life as a pre-Clash Mick number "Ooh, Baby, Ooh (It's Not Over)" ("Joe Strummer and The Legend Of The Clash", p.128)

Ooh, Baby, Ooh (It's Not Over)
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