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As the floods of god wash away sin city

They say it was written in the page of lord

But i was looking for that great jazz note

That destroyed the walls of jericho

The winds of fear whip away the sickness

The message on the tablet was-a valium

The planets form that golden cross, lord

I'll see you on at the holy crossroad


After all these time

(Judgement day)

To believe in jesus

(Judgement day)

After all these drugs

(Judgement Day)

I thought I was him

(Judgement Day)

But after all of my lying and my crying and my suffering

I ain't good enough, I ain't clean enough to be him

The tribal war is burning up the homeland

The fuel of evil is raining from the sky

The sea of lava is flowing down the mountain

The time will sweep all the sinners by, bye bye

Take one now

Holy rollers roll

Give generously now

Pass the hubcap please

Thank you lord