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London Calling 7" single
Pic london calling a

Released: 7th December 1979

UK Catalogue Number: CBS 8087

UK Chart Position: 11

Side A

  1. London Calling

Side B

  1. Armagideon Time

London Calling 12" single

Released: 4th January 1980

UK Catalogue Number: CBS 128087

Side A

  1. London Calling
  2. Armagideon Time

Side B

  1. Justice Tonight
  2. Kick It Over

Artist: The Clash

Album: London Calling, The Story of The Clash Vol. 1, The Singles, Clash On Broadway, Live: From Here to Eternity, The Essential Clash, The Singles Boxset

Length: 3:19

Vocals: Joe Strummer


Additional Information:

  • the 7" single sleeve was available in three colours: red, green, and yellow.
  • the records the girl and boy on the cover of the single are listening to include: The Clash (UK Version), Nevermind The Bollocks by The Sex Pistols, Highway 61 Revisited by Bob Dylan, Please Please Me by The Beatles, the eponymous Elvis Presley album the London Calling album cover is inspired by, and the Rolling Stones debut album.
  • live premiere in July 1979 [1]


  1. [1] Notre Dame Hall, London (5/7/1979)

London Calling
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