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Know Your Rights 7" single

Released: 23 April 1982

UK Catalogue Number: CBS A2309

UK Chart Position: 43

Side A

  1. Know Your Rights

Side B

  1. First Night Back in London

Artist: The Clash

First Release: "Know Your Rights" single (CBS Records, 23/4/1982)

Length: 3:39

Vocals: Joe Strummer


Additional Information:

  • the lyrics included in the Combat Rock booklet are from the original version of this song, and differ from what is actually sung on the album.
  • initial copies of the single included a "Know your rights" sticker. This is missing from the US/Europe release of The Singles Boxset, but included on the Japanese release.

  • Paul Simonon: "It was supposed to have been funny, but that didn't come over at all!" [1]


  1. Chris salewicz: "Redemption Song - The Ballad Of Joe Strummer" (p.308)

Know Your Rights
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