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When- July 4, 1976 Where- Black Swan, Sheffield Line up- Set list-


  • The very first Clash gig. Little is known about the gig although it is important to point out that the Clash waited over another month before performing again.
  • Hostile eye-witness report in the NME of July 17th 1976: 'The Clash were just a cacophonous barrage of noise. The bass guitarist had no idea how to play the instrument and even had to get another member of the band to tune it for him. They tried to play early '60s R 'n' B and failed dismally. Dr Feelgood are not one of my favourite bands, but I know they could have wiped the floor with The Clash.' Signed 'A real music lover, Sheffield.'
  • Another eye-witness report:'The Clash were billed as "The 101ers" on the posters...and Mick Jones and I were born on the very same day.The only song I remember was Steve Hibbert's "Pressure Drop" which I knew well from my old Trojan collection. There was a lot of shouting and political grand standing.'
  • It is said that Keith Levene wrote 'What's My Name?' on this night.