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Joe Strummer
Combat Rock King
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Born: 1952
Died 2002
Cause of death : Congenital heart disease
Occupation: Musician
Genre: Punk rock, reggae
Group(s): The Clash

Born John Graham Mellor (08/21/1952 – 12/22/2002), Joe Strummer was the primary lyricist and vocalist of The Clash as well as the rhythm guitarist.

Born in Ankara, Turkey to a member of the British Foreign Service, Strummer spent time in Egypt, Germany and Mexico before he (at age nine) and his older brother David were sent back to England to attend the City of London Freemen's School.


Strummer passed away peacefully December 22, 2002 of congenital heart disease, aged 50, Broomfield.


Joe Strummer wikia was created in 2005, years after his death. The Clash Wikia was created in 2006.