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Artist: The Clash

First Release: The Clash (CBS Records, 8/4/1977)

Length: 2:08

Vocals: Joe Strummer, Mick Jones


Additional Information:

  • written by Mick Jones during the initial band rehearsals June-August 1976
  • Mick Jones: "Written on the 31 bus from Harrow Road to Rehearsals at Chalk Farm. Just humming the tune, and the words to the chorus came to me on the bus." [1]
  • Terry Chimes: "I remember that day that Mick came in and announced it [...] He had quite a clear idea of the whole thing actually in his mind, so we did it, and it worked perfect immediately." [2]

  • performed at the band's very first public London gig in August 1976[3]

  • recorded at CBS Studios (31-37 Whitfield Street, London W1) in February 1977
  • Simon Humphrey (sound engineer): "'Janie Jones' was recorded almost live. That may have been a live vocal, actually." [4]
  • Janie Jones: "They timed it beautifully. I'd just got through the prison gates and I heard that. It was incredible!" [5]


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Janie Jones
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