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Artist: The Clash

First Release: The Clash (CBS Records, 8/4/1977)

Length: 3:03

Vocals: Joe Strummer (backing vocals: Mick Jones, Paul Simonon)


Additional Information:

  • an early post-London SS/pre-Clash song, written in February/March 1976 after the split of London SS, when Mick Jones worked with Chrissie Hynde for a short time
  • Tony James (ex-London SS): "It was Bernie [Rhodes] who suggested that Mick should go and write with Chrissie for a bit, and that didn't work out." [1]
  • Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols): "Mick auditioned Chrissie Hynde as a possible singer." [2]
  • Mick Jones: "Chrissie Hynde probably helped with the end bit 'what a liar'." [3]
  • Chrissie Hynde: "Bernie [Rhodes] brought in this kid one day, too good-looking I thought to be in the band. It was an art student, and it was Paul Simonon. And I thought, I looked at Paul and Mick together, and I thought I gotta get out of this now, because, you know, they - I could see they were made for each other." [4]


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