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Aborted film project begun by Don Letts and The Clash. The intent of the film was to document the events and performances centering around the band's historic seventeen consecutive shows at Bond's International, a club located in Time's Square, NYC, extending from May 28-June 13, 1981. Footage included Topper Headon strolling around NYC at night & being interviewed while riding in a taxi, the group sitting on a rooftop watching a group of young black kids rap and breakdance, the graffitti artist Futura plying his trade, the backstage scene, and stellar perfomances from the Bond's shows.

Although the film itself never materialized, the footage that was shot provided the basis for the "This is Radio Clash" video and formed much of the backbone of Letts' 2000 documentary of The Clash, Westway to the World.

* * *

Don Letts’ original video footage was lost soon after being shot, but a copy was discovered years later. While it featured in Westway to the World, it was also made into a full-length movie called The Clash on Broadway. At one time it was posted to YouTube in three parts, but now only part two is available: part two of three.