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details in the article below are wrong

NOTE: Barry Auguste aka The Baker was the drum tech

Garry Barker (not Baker) wrote the book by Johnny Green that is mentioned below

Further info in the book and at The Baker’s blog at

Garry Baker was Topper Headon's drum tech and the band's roadie from the late 70s forward. Small, baby-faced and cherubic at the time, Baker can be seen in several photos in Pennie Smith's The Clash: Before & After, in addition to several scenes from the 1979 film, Rude Boy.

Since The Clash disbanded, Baker returned to college, earning a degree in English. Presently, he is a journalist living in London.

Along with road manager Johnny Green, Baker co-authored the road memoir A Riot of Our Own that details life on tour with The Clash circa 1979.