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Artist: Willi Williams, The Clash

Album: Black Market Clash, The Story of The Clash Vol. 1, Clash On Broadway, Live: From Here to Eternity, The Singles Boxset

Length: 3:52

Vocals: Joe Strummer


Additional Information:

  • a cover of the Willi Williams song [1]
  • Willi Williams himself had used the rhythm track of the song "Real Rock" by C. Dodd & Sound Demension [2]
  • originally The Clash wanted to record their version at Studio One in Jamaica, using the same rhythm track
  • Mick Jones: "They didn't want to know, though they didn't mind selling us the publishing. I was bitterly disappointed that I had to come back to England instead." [3]
  • eventually recorded back in England at Wessex Studios in November 1979 [4]

  • The voice saying "ok boys, let's have you out", is that of Kosmo Vinyl over the recording studio intercom. Deciding that the best pop singles were around 3 minutes long, the band asked Vinyl to tell them to stop when they reached the appropriate length. Joe Strummer's response of "ok ok, don't push us when we're hot!" was completely ad-libbed. [5]
  • Recorded at Wessex Studios.
  • live premiere in California in September 1979 [6]


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Armagideon Time
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